About Tri Source Business Brokers

About Tri Source Consulting

After decades of broking experience Tri Source Consulting was established in 2014 out of the desire to focus on quality buyers and sellers.

Tri Source is the association of independent and experienced brokers sharing the Tri Source vision.

Business Brokers

It is our philosophy and belief that the informed and prepared Business Buyer and Business Seller, as well as the developing relationship between them becomes the most successful ingredients of any successful sale of business transaction.

It is with this in mind that we offer our clients:

  • Extensive exchange of information to both buyers and sellers in order to improve the understanding of market forces and market conditions. This assist in addressing expectations.
  • Tri Source's business brokers strife to service qualified and quality business buyers and business sellers exclusively. All buyers are required to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement and also disclose their financial position with respect to their ability to acquire a business. Seller will be required to meet a minimum standards with respect to information provided, a minimum profit return and industry norms with respect of the selling price to profit ratio.
  • Our Business brokers top priority is the ultimate discretionary use of information we are trusted with. We have a deep understanding that there are extensive risks for both business buyers and business sellers when information is exchanged. No database containing client information shall be placed on a system with broad and high risk access via internet, cloud or the cyber space as a whole.
  • No upfront fees will be charged for Business Broking services.
    Fees for consultation and business valuation are negotiable and based on added value outcomes received by clients.
  • Our success fees charged for the successful Business Broker Services will be industry competitive and clients are invited to compare our fees with quotes received from alternative broking firms.

Tri Source Consulting Business Broker Fees - Commission Structure


Our Business Broker Services include

Business Valuation

With our trial and tested methodology of negotiation we define the transaction value of a business in the absence of a proper market place.

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Business Sale Preperation

At Tri Source we can assist you in various ways to improve the value of your business before putting it on the marker to sell.

Read More about Business Value Optimisation.

Succession, Exit Strategy, Sell Your Business

The objective for the business owner would be to identify ALL routine functions and activities that he is involved in and to start the process of handing these over to employees in the operation. Read more about Succession & Exit Strategies

Meet Your Consultant

business broker nico boverhoff

Nico Boverhoff

Tri Source Consulting is headed by experineced business broker, Nico Boverhoff.

Nico studied chemistry and worked in the Chemical Industry for 20 years before venturing into Business Broking in 2002. Importing and distributing chemicals exposed him to diverse industrial segments from the food, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber, cosmetic, chemical, paper, metal, engineering, agrochemical, automotive and many other industrial applications.

His first stint as broker was with Mel Abro Brokers who was considered as the guru in broking at the time with over 40 years experience.

From 2005 to recent he operated from within the Aldes Business Brokers where the main focus was on micro and small businesses.

In 2014 Tri Source was started to position itself with a focus on higher quality businesses where the profitability is at least R3,0m per annum.

Tri Source has partnered and will continue to partner with highly experienced and often specialised independent brokers in order to offer prospective buyers and sellers a network of opportunities and variation with the focus on the quality opportunity on offer.